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Designed AV Solutions has more than 5 years building and flying drones of all types of sizes. We take safety very seriously into every job that we do.  Experience counts when flying drones and there’s no substitute for Experience. There are a lot of people out there flying drones that claim to be experts but in all realty the amount of flying time and experience they have is minimal. Dave has over 1500 flights under his belt since he started flying in 2011.  Through trial and error Dave has developed a set of safety protocols for each job that Designed AV Solutions does.

In December 2015 Dave started his pilot training  towards his FAA Sports Pilots license. T o date has over 75 hours flying a Cessna 162 Skycatacher. Dave has also completed all the FAA knowledge certification required for the Sports Pilots Certification.

We also use 2 other FAA private pilots when necessary.

FAA Airman Knowledge completion – Click to download

FAA 333 exemption to fly commercially – Revised version

FAA 333 exemption to fly commercially – Original version

FAA drone registration #1 – click to download

FAA drone registration #2 – Click to download

Faa drone registration #3 – click to download

13055472_10154874320452627_2163428118513977333_n flying2

Here’s some video’s of Dave flying in the Skycatcher.