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About Us

Dave King, the owner of Designed AV Solutions, has been in the AV industry for 25. Dave started Designed AV Solutions as a multi facet company that offers video production, post production, photography, and AV installations.

Dave has a background in Electronics, Information Technology, Video, and Photography. Dave started building and flying aerial copters/drones in 2011 and has been flying ever since and has thousands of hours of flight time experience.

In 2015 Dave and Designed AV Solutions received the FAA 333 Exemption that allows Designed AV Solutions to use drones for business purposes. This license required Dave to get a pilots license to fly an airplane. From November 2015 to April 2016 Dave took flying lessons at Sporty's in Cincinnati to obtain his pilots license. In April 2016, Dave obtained a Sports pilots license and has experience flying a Cessna 162 Sky catcher (pictured below). The training Dave received allows him to properly advise clients in regards to where is allowed to fly and what safety procedures are needed in advance of any job.

Dave uses a group of freelancers that meet his strict expectations. Most of the freelancers that work with Dave have Film or Photography Degrees and many years of experience in the industry.

Designed AV Solutions also partners with other video production companies to offer Aerial services. In 2014 Dave started photographing high end luxury homes for Howard Hanna’s Homes of Distinction and Coldwell Bankers Previews department.

Read what professionals in the industry that have worked with Dave have to say:

  • In my career, there are few people I’ve encountered that measure up to the professional knowledge and personal work ethic of Dave King. He is the type of employee that a manager strives to retain for his consistent and reliable contributions, his eye for technical accuracy and his aptitude for doing things the right way. In my role as Senior Director of Public Relations for The Art Institute of Pittsburgh from 1998 to 2011, I was privileged to serve much of that time working with Dave King on projects that ranged from in-house new student recruitment events to large-scale, off-site fundraising initiatives. The college and its students were able to benefit from Dave’s technical expertise, willing hands and sense of humor, time and time again. I turned to Dave continuously raise the bar for what could be achieved with audio, video, exhibition and event technology. Goal-oriented and never one to sit on the sidelines and wait for direction, Dave King prefers to take responsibility for progress and works well with those around him. I have also observed that he is a strong manager of student employees and is proud of his ability to help them to achieve excellent results. I strongly recommend Dave King and endorse his skills and contributions.
  • I have worked with Dave as Faculty at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where I teach full time, in the Digital Film and Video Production department. Dave has been our studio technician, and and does maintenance and installation of equipment in both our audio studio and television studio and has always done a great job. Dave also supervises over 30 workers who work for our equipment office, in addition to his maintenance duties, and does it all well. I have my own freelance audio company in business since 1982 and have been in professional audio for over 30 years. In short I think Dave would help any company with AV installation. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
  • I had the opportunity of working with Dave from 2002 until my retirement in 2012. Dave does it all and is dedicated and hard working. He’s resourceful, has an eye for detail and strives for perfection with each and every task. Dave consistently produced quality work and I’d recommend him highly for your Audio/Video needs.
  • I have worked with Dave in many different capacities over the pasts 6 years. I value Dave's opinion when it comes to video and audio recommendations. Dave considers all options and continuously researches the best available technology. Because of these qualities and an excellent work ethic, I am pleased to recommend Dave King.